Thank You

I recently stumbled upon my “stats” page and discovered my twenty-two followers. I can’t adequately describe my feelings, because I’ve never felt them before. My cheeks flushed and I felt slightly embarrassed, people were reading my ideas? I thought I would simply float in the anonymous sea of the internet until it all crashed in the Skynet apocalypse. Then I felt giddy and overjoyed, people were paying attention to me. I smiled, and would have jumped for joy had years of academia not robbed me of the capacity to outwardly express emotions. Then I realized, I had followers. Oh no…I hope they don’t expect miracles of brilliance and life changing epiphanies. Certainly not now that I’ve restricted myself to one cup of decaf coffee a day. Finally, I felt a solidification of resolve to continue my work. Whether or not it’s any good is pure speculation, but at least people were noticing. That’s something. My graduate supervisor said, “It’s better if people argue with you or even disparage your work. At least they’re paying attention. A lack of attention is a death sentence in scholarship.” I’ve encountered numerous obstacles to my work, not only because of its multidisciplinary nature, but also because of its radical message. Two things that cause allergic reactions in traditional academia.

So thank you to my followers thus far for an emotional roller coaster contained within the span of a millisecond. Thank you for noticing my work and for your support. Cheers to you. *raises a glass*