Once upon a time, there was a little monster named Saraliza. It was her difference that made her scary to other people, and so it was difference that fascinated her. She studied biology and sociology, even a little psychology because her degree required an interdisciplinary speciality. But neither could explain the meaning of difference. So like many lost souls before her, she turned to philosophy and has been stumbling around in that dark forest ever since. Her adventure is one filled with monsters, some dark and menacing, others that look no different from the ones you encounter on the street. Grab a flashlight and a protein bar for the journey, and enter the world of the monstrous with her. You may discover that what you thought you were sure about is really a mystery to be solved.

Saraliza Anzaldua is a PhD student in philosophy at UCLA where she uses teratology (the study of monstrosity and the monstrous) as a framework to ask questions of evil. She’s written articles on the subject, and her dissertation will be the first full-length analysis on the topic. She’s available for speaking engagements and can be reached at anzaldua@g.ucla.edu. She’s also written poetry and children’s books on less terrifying subjects.


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