Illustrated by Ying Wang

Love chisels away at each of us. Sometimes the result is awe-inspiring and the inner beauty of the human heart transcends even the most mundane or horrific atrocities. But sometimes mold festers in the cracks created in our worn frames, and the darkest sentiments of love overpower any ideal we might hold tightly to. This collection explores the various aspects of love and the resulting fissures which arise in the human experience of them.

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Birds have nested inside my body.

My heart is a twitter,

and my stomach a flutter,

when my thoughts flit to you.



without Faith, one lives in uncertainty

without Hope, one lives in despair

without Love, one lives in misery

Despite these truths I have yet to find,

the strength to bear each one in mind.

Or for a moment let my sanity slip,

and utter such nonsense upon my lips.


Ode to a Good Friend

You are a great comfort dear friend,

to listen as I ramble this night.

I know my words seem to have no end,

and it appears no rest is in sight.

But your company is soothing to me,

and your presence an assuaging balm.

In the turbulent and stormy sea,

I’ve found an oasis of calm.