The Familiar and Ordinary



Introduction: “Horror is an entirely human experience. The monstrous nature of tragedy, trauma, and the subsequent healing process is often too much to cope with. Yet miraculously, we endure and eventually find our way. With scars serving as both trophies and blemishes, we battle the terrifying shadows of ourselves, each other, and our world. The Familiar and Ordinary explores the various aspects of our sometimes frightening existence; its chaotic, jarring, and unsettling nature.”

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Do You See What I See?

The abyss seems less engulfing,
if by our side,
we have someone to tolerate,
and abide,
the horror in our field of vision,
and can share,
the soul’s mournful lament,
and the heart’s despair,
anyone to grasp tightly by the hand,
to know that they too understand,
someone who can solemnly agree,
that they too,
see what we see.


Sea Monsters

Prehistoric waters teeming with terrible creatures,
oceanic demons with horrifying features.

Dakosaurus, Kronosaurus, Tylosaurus,

My mind tells me they are no more,
yet still I pause and remain on shore.



My head, like a sieve.
My experience, like sand.
My life, slips through my fingers,
and falls from my hands.