The Jungle


Illustrated by Ying Wang

What right have I to demand anything of you? And what right have you to impose anything on me? These are fundamental questions of society whose answers shape how we live together in communities and nations. Individuals and groups must navigate the Jungle of sharp disagreements, hot affairs, murky compromises, and hidden rules. It’s an evolving jungle without a map, laden with dangers and full of treasures.

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Can a fish be a shark? Or a shark a dinosaur?

Can an American be a Mexican? Can a Mexican be a Spaniard? Can a Spaniard be a Basque?

What are you?

Where are you from?

Where is your family from?

What is your ethnicity?

What is your nationality?

What is your race?

What is your ancestry?

Trick questions that mutate like a virus and leave the host uncertain.



Second Guessing

I knew I was correct,

but you said I was mistaken,

so I took time to collect,

once my certainty was shaken.

I gave my thoughts a second glance,

now I was not so sure,

if given another chance,

my conviction would endure.



Oh Atlantis! You are lost and forever gone,

no more shall we see your towers,

no longer shall we hear your song,

we will only remember those dreadful hours,

in which you did not live to see the dawn.

Oh Atlantis! Pillar of virtue and liberty,

you have sunk far beneath the wave,

beyond the lore of posterity,

and the freedom which you so freely gave,

has been given to the realm of mystery.

Oh Atlantis! Once glory and grand,

your children have scattered,

crossing strange water and land,

living dreams torn and shattered,

without firm ground to stand.

But fear not Atlantis, some still remember,

the pledge we made in our youth,

to hold fast to that burning ember,

of unwavering virtue, liberty and truth.