I’m sitting across from my ghost at the table,

sipping a morning coffee while she sulks and glares and pouts.

I try and ignore her as much as I’m able,

but she loudly cries and screams and shouts. 


At night she lies next to me, still as a corpse,

while I toss and turn, jerk and kick, in tormented sleep. 

If you leave it in the oven too long, a soul warps,

so I wonder, which of us will God keep?


Excerpt from Persephone Unleashed

The sidelines are lonely,

must I always look on?

At vessels bound for shores,

I will never set foot upon?


Though not my crusade,

in fight I wish to partake,

Though no spoils I gain,

I go for goodness’ sake.


Yet, if on green not my own,

my foot presumes to tread,

my peers will disparage me,

wishing to work alone instead. 


Excerpt from The Road

There is something under my bed,

it makes strange noises at night,

and won’t let me rest my head,

nor allow me peace or respite.

It twists my body strange angles,

my thoughts are shaken dizzy,

every quiet moment it strangles

and keeps my resolution busy.

If I perchance stumble on nerve,

taking a peek despite my dread,

with desolate despair I observe,

I’m the monster under the bed. 


Excerpt from Persephone Unleashed