I will be competing in the Pole Sport Organization regionals on Saturday April 13th at the Los Angeles Theater Center. My category is Level 3, Senior, Dramatic. Tickets are $35 for section 1, and my category will start performing at 9:15am. Come out to support local aerialists, and be entertained by people doing amazing things twenty feet off the ground to cool music.

PSO Pacific Regionals


Thank you to everyone at PSO and the Pacific regionals. This was my first pole competition and it was an amazing, life changing experience. I felt empowered both as a dancer and as a woman to be surrounded by so many supportive individuals who believe in the artistic value of what we do, and that a strong woman is a beautiful woman. Thank you also to my loving family who were with me every step of the way, and sat through every hip-hop and EDM song imaginable just to show their support. I’m already planning choreography to Sinatra as a way to make it up to you. This gold medal represents one step closer to a dream, that someday I can represent my country on the international stage at the Olympics. Thank you to everyone in the pole community who made it possible, and to everyone who continues to feed dreams. Keep poling, keep spinning.

I will be competing in the Pole Sport Organization’s Pacific Regionals 2017 to be held on April 8th-9th at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I will perform on the morning of the 8th in the Championship category, Level 2. If you’re in the area, come support dancers who work strenuously to demonstrate the beauty of strength and the grace of aerial arts.

For more information: Pole Sport Organization-Pacific Regionals 2017